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Cin Martinez is a playwright/performer from Hartford, Connecticut. Raised by her parents, who moved from Puerto Rico in the early 70s’, Cin’s appreciation for living a multicultural life was cemented early on.   From 1999 to 2002, she studied Theatre at the Center for Creative Youth at Wesleyan University and the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. It was in her early stages of performance when she won first-place in dramatic monologue from the International Model & Talent Association in Los Angeles, which reinforced her love of the arts and her commitment to the stage.

Cin landed her first acting job as a co-host in a documentary film Women in Charge alongside Adrianne Baughns-Wallace, a veteran in the television broadcasting circuit. In 2006, after receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a specialization in Video Production from Southern CT State University, Cin began participating in Ensemble theatre with an emphasis on play creation and social justice theatre.

Cin, an ensemble member of the HartBeat Ensemble (HBE) for 15+ years, acted in six of its nine original main stage plays. In 2012, Cin trained with Shakespeare & Company, a month-long actor intensive in Berkshire, Massachusetts, and received an honorary mention from Founder Tina Packer for bringing an authentic voice to the Shakespearean canon.  

Cin’s love for playwriting began when she co-wrote Flipside, winning Best Ensemble Award at the NYC Fringe Festival in 2012. Cin’s passion for writing grew, resulting in several (documentary theatre) short plays, including the world premiere of Riding the Turnpike; produced by HBE in 2013.


Two years later, Cin became a recipient of the Connecticut Latino De Oro awards in the Arts. Shortly after, she secured a contract with Emerging Talent Agency and AAG Management out of New York landing her a co-starring role in an episode of Orange is the New Black, a popular series on Netflix.

Cin's proudest work to date is Frog Hollow State of Mind, a play about her neighborhood, celebrating its cultural richness and exploring some of its challenges. The play debuted in the Fall of 2016 and was well-received, earning Cin a citation of official recognition by the City of Hartford’s Court of Common Council.

Cin's current artistic endeavor is Pegao developed during Women in Theatre Festival (WTF) in spring 2017 has been chosen and commissioned by HartBeat Ensemble to premier as a Main Stage production in May 2019.  

Other Work:
Creative Consultant | Youth Investor 


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